UiPath RPA – Data Scraping and Excel Application Scope

Learn the fundamentals of Data Scraping and Excel Application Scope in the UiPath Studio!

Robotic Process Automation is impacting organizations at break-neck speed. UiPath is on the forefront of RPA technology with their user-friendly creator studio, designed for both beginner, intermediate, and advanced RPA developers.

Course Takeaways – Here are the components covered in this lesson:

  • UiPath Studio Open Browser Activity: Opens a web browser and navigates specifically where you indicate.

  • UiPath Studio Data Scraper: Learn how to extract structured data with the Data Scrapping Wizard.

  • UiPath Studio Excel Application Scope: Learn to generate a new work file that capable of data-driven activities.

  • UiPath Studio Close Tab Activity: Learn how to properly close a UiPath project, especially when active web browsers are involved.

  • See it in Action: Immediately following the course, see the impact of UiPath through a real use case.

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