The Ultimate Guide to Muay Thai Basics

This course was created by Amir Naseri, a multiple time Muay Thai world champion, second non-Thai in history to ever win the prestigious title at Omnoi stadium in Bangkok, and also winner of the kings cup of Thailand 2019. With more than 15 years experience in this sport, Amir is sharing the knowledge he has picked up over the years training with the best Thai coaches and gyms in Thailand.

Each lesson is designed for the student to easily remember and digest the key cues, which makes your learning experience more effective and efficient. With every lesson being between 1-3mins, techniques are broken down in details with “do’s and don’ts” to make sure the student is not overwhelmed with having to remember too many things in one lesson.

You will see defense and counters against punches, elbow techniques, kicks, and knee techniques. You will learn how to catch and attack the opponent s kicking leg and how to react if the opponent catches your kicking leg. Also you will also learn how to control your opponent in a clinch, to throw him away from you, to defend against his attacks and to get out of his grip.

Whether you want to develop self-confidence, get incredibly fit, or compete in the ring, Muay Thai is a sport that is inclusive of multiple goals. There are a million reasons why you may want to train Muay Thai, and at the end of the day, there are no wrong reasons .

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