The Magical World of Pointers in C

Welcome to the Magical World of Pointers in C!

  • This course has been divided into 5 sections – Getting started where we understand the basic Pointer concepts, we then move on to specific topics of Pointers like Pointers and arrays, Pointers and Strings and Pointers and Structures. Finally, we conclude with the section on Data Structures using Pointers which will use all the concepts that we learn in the preceding sections.

  • In every section the approach that we follow is we will start with the basics and then move on to the more advanced topics. Don’t worry the transition is going to be smooth and all will come naturally to you. All you need to do is just is focus your energy and try to understand the concepts


  • Since this a course exclusively for Pointers and we will use other basic C language concepts to understand this topic. Thus, as a prerequisite, you would need to have a basic understanding of C programming, syntax of the language, basic data structures and also have an understanding of data structures like arrays, functions, logical operators as well as understanding of loops (for loop, while loop, etc.) and conditional statements like (if.. else statements).

  • In each section, every concept has been explained by using a C program and expected output. More than 30 sample coding examples with output have been provided to explain the concepts programmatically.

  • Wherever necessary memory diagrams have also been used to help you understand the concept pictorially. Advantage of a pictorial representation is that it will help you grasp the concept faster.

  • Since this course is more about understanding the concepts of pointers and how we can use them in programming, we are not focusing on how to compile and run the code. This can be easily found on the internet where you can explore the different IDEs and also write and run the C program as per your liking.

  • A Mini-Quiz after each section to test your understanding of concepts.

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