The Harmony Project: Introduction to Sacred Paths

A Seminole County Florida based peace initiative has created this course that is at the forefront of an emerging new paradigm of conscious inclusion. With a focus on unity through Radical Ecumenism, this course clearly illustrates that in open sharing and harmonious dialogue our differences hold unlimited potential for uniting people of all faiths.

In this time of extraordinary shift and evolution, we have come together to create a presentation of the essential tenets of fourteen major spiritual traditions, or sacred paths. The goal and intention of the Harmony Project is to provide a learning platform for those who wish to grow stronger in the practice and demonstration of their own faith while honoring and appreciating the sacred in other spiritual paths.

This course is an audio lectures series of the following sacred paths…

  • Bahá’í Faith

  • Buddhism

  • Christianity

  • Confucianism

  • The Divine Feminine

  • Hinduism

  • Islam

  • Judaism

  • Native American

  • Nature and Animism

  • Oneness

  • Shamanism

  • Sikhism

  • Taoism

These audio lectures are based on easy-to-understand language that people of all ages and backgrounds will most likely understand. This course is packed with ancient wisdom, that when integrated, can literally change your life. And, it’s FREE. So… please enjoy, learn, grow, and share.

Thank you, Ann

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