The Complete Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy REBT Course

Use Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT) is a therapy based system that deals with rationality and emotional intelligence to deal with cognitive level based problems.

So what are you going to learn in this course? 

  1. Learn How To Use Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy – REBT On A Daily Basis

  2. Understand And Explore Different Concepts Related To REBT Such As Rationality, Irrationality, Logic, Reason, Optimism And Realism And Learn How To Apply Them And Use Them In Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT)

  3. Explore And Learn How To Use The ABCDE Model In Use Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy – REBT For Proper Application

  4. Learn REBT Exercises To Deal With Numerous Problems Such As  Anxiety, Stress, Depression, Personality Disorders…Etc

  5. Learn And Explore Some Of The Most Interesting Concepts Of Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy – REBT – Enhance Your Critical Thinking And Rationality Through Questioning Systems, Thinking Formulas, And Socratic Interpretations

  6. Understand Fundamental Problems You Might Encounter On A Repetitive Basis In Your Life And Explore How To Cope With Them And Overcome Them

  7. Explore And Learn The Life-Changing Emotional Intelligence Principles In Your Daily Life To Ensure Effective Self Regulation And Control

  8. By The End Of This Course, After Finishing All Your Learning, And By Applying The Principles You Learned, You Will Be A Completely Different Person On A Cognitive And Psychological Level

In this course, you will everything you need to know to understand and apply Use Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT) in your daily life. You will also be able to use REBT to help others as well.

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