The Beginners Guide of Turning Dreams into Reality

Have you ever thought to yourself if there was more to life than just your office job ? Have you ever had that question every Sunday afternoon of “What Else can I do with my life” ? To be honest with you I had that question for the longest time but being born in a society where our identity is tied to what job I had, I felt so very stuck.

After years of running around the hamster wheel, I had enough of just surviving and I started to look for what I always wanted to be and do. And this is where I started my journey of turning dreams into a reality. By using this framework I would be teaching you, I not only managed to get a dream job where I eventually became Vice President but I also managed to form 3 other start-ups.

In this course you will learn the following :

How to have a crystal clear goal – I believe that clarity is key for us to get momentum, without a clear destination, we would be vague in our actions

How to be productive – We live in a world where there is so much of distractions, there is the phone, internet and the television. To be honest, many people are in a reactive more. So in this course, we will make sure that you take the steps so as to reach your goals faster.

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