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This Edureka Talend Full Course will help you to get started with Talend and its components. In this course, you will learn to work with two of the most prominent Talend Tools which are Talend DI and Talend for Big Data from scratch. This Talend Tutorial is ideal for both beginners as well as professionals. Below are the topics covered in this Talend Tutorial for Beginners:
00:00 Introduction
1:51 What is Talend?
5:26 Evolution of Talend
9:11 Talend Products
10:31 Features of Talend Products
15:16 Talend in Modern Data Architecture
17:31 Real-life Use-cases
24:11 Demo
46:46 Talend Architecture
49:07 Talend Products
49:57 TOS Architecture
50:32 Talend Functional Architecture
52:42 Talend Open Studio
54:27 Talend Open Studio
57:32 Advantages
59:32 Download TOS
1:01:07 TOS GUI
1:07:52 TOS GUI – Repository
1:09:32 TOS GUI – Palette
1:10:32 TOS GUI – Design Workspace
1:11:12 Talend GUI – Configuration Tabs
1:12:07 TOS GUI – Menu Bar & Toolbar
1:12:12 TOS GUI – Outline View & Code Viewer
1:12:32 Demo
1:29:12 Talend Components
1:32:02 Talend Components Families
1:32:37 tFileInputExcel
1:34:12 tFileOutputDelimited
1:35:07 tFileList
1:35:52 tFileExists
1:36:42 tFileCopy
1:37:27 Processing Components
1:37:32 tMap
1:38:27 tJoin
1:39:22 tFilterRow
1:40:22 tSortRow
1:40:47 Database Components
1:41:37 tMysqlConnection
1:42:12 tMysqInput
1:42:57 tMysqlRow
1:43:32 tMysqlOutput
2:28:17 Talend ETL Tutorial
2:29:02 Why ETL?
2:32:47 What is ETL?
2:35:47 ETL Tools
2:40:37 Talend As An ETL Tools
2:42:27 Benefits of Using Talend
2:42:37 Talend As An ETL Tool
2:45:17 Talend Open Studio For Data Integration
2:46:27 TOS for Data Integration
2:47:57 Demo
3:23:32 Talend Open Studio Architecture
3:23:57 TOS Installation
3:31:52 Components & Connectors
3:32:02 Components in Talend
3:32:42 Components Families
3:34:17 Connectors
3:36:07 Metadata & Context Variable
3:36:52 Metadata
3:37:07 Context Variable
3:38:32 Demo
3:53:32 Talend Big Data Tutorial
3:55:17 5 V’s of Big Data
3:57:32 Big Data Technologies
3:59:42 HDFS Architecture
4:01:52 YARN
4:02:57 Hive
4:04:42 Pig
4:05:57 Talend with Big Data
4:07:22 Talend Open Studio For Big Data
4:09:57 TOS Installation
4:11:32 Big Data Components In Talend
4:18:57 First Job in Talend
4:40:37 Talend Interview Questions
4:41:57 Talend in Market
4:45:37 Talend Interview Questions

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About The Course

Edureka’s Talend for Data Integration and Big Data Training is designed to help you master Talend and Big Data Integration Platform using Talend Open Studio. It is a free open source ETL tool using which you can easily integrate all your data with your Data Warehouse and Applications, or synchronize data between systems. You’ll also use Talend ETL tool with HDFS, Pig, and Hive on real-life case studies.


Who should go for this course?

The following professionals can go for this Talend For Data Integration & Big Data course:
Business Analysts
Data Warehousing Professionals
Data Analysts
Solution & Data Architects
System Administrators
Software Engineers


Why learn Talend?

Talend is one of the first providers of open source Data Integration Software. Talend provides specialized support for Big Data Integration. By using Talend no coding effort is required for implementing Big Data Solution. This can be designed using drag-and-drop controls and native code is generated automatically. Talend is built in such a way that it is flexible to reside between any of the data sources and platforms out there. With a solutions portfolio that includes Data Integration, Data Quality, Master Data Management, Enterprise Service Bus, and Business Process Management, there is everything you need here to make your data work for you.


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