Tableau Specialist Certification Exam Secrets

Tableau Specialist Certification Exam Secrets is for all those who are preparing for Tableau Certification exam (Desktop Certified Associate or Specialist) and need a guideline to judge their preparation and readiness for the real exam

Practice Questions along with solution videos will really strength your concepts and will make you ready for real exam.

Every bullet point mentioned in the slides is very important from exam point of view. If you are working from many years and have great Tableau working experience professional even then it will be helpful in your preparation. This course focuses on theory and practice questions. You must especially consider all topics mentioned in the course and study the concepts thoroughly.

Following is the summary of this course:

Important Topics and Tips

Some topics have more importance than others from exam point of view. It is observed that many experts have failed in the exam since the topic which was asked in exam question was so simple to them that they did not give much importance to those topics and could not pick up the correct answer since it was not refreshed. So even if you are expert, you must go through all topics mentioned in the course outline and especially those topics mentioned in this course.

  • Create and Save Data Connections

  • Modify Data Connections

  • Manage Data Properties

  • Organize Data and Apply Filters

Importance of Practice Tests

Practice exam is the best way to find your readiness for exam, In this the bonus lecture you will find the reference of site which gives reliable practice tests as per Tableau provided guideline.

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