SkyCiv Structural Engineering for Students: Reinf. Concrete

SkyCiv Structural Engineering for Students: Reinforced Concrete will either re-enforce topics you have learned in class or help you grasp new ones that aren’t covered. One of the main goals of the course is to use real examples to help you bridge the gap from college coursework to the industry, as well as expose you to topics that aren’t usually covered in undergraduate curriculum. If you have never been used structural engineering software, this course will give you a great idea of the ideal workflows used in practice through the use of the SkyCiv platform.

If you want to work alongside the examples in this course as well as the other courses, you can complete the majority of tasks with a SkyCiv Student Account, which you can sign up for directly from the SkyCiv website.

The main component of this course includes walking through the modeling, loading, and analysis of a 2 dimensional concrete moment frame, all with the SkyCiv software suite. At the end of the analysis phase of the project, there is a “What’s Next” section of lectures that will go through and expose you to concrete member and isolated footing design in accordance with ACI 318-14.The features used in those lectures are not available with a SkyCiv Student account.

Join us in learning how to use the SkyCiv platform to enhance and expand your current structural engineering knowledge! Make sure to check out the other SkyCiv courses if you found this interesting.

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