Side Hustle: Choose The Right Niche For Your Side Business

Discover The 7 Step System For Choosing The Right Side Hustle Niche For You…

Because Not Starting Your Side Hustle Is Costing You Time And Money!

Dear Aspiring Side Hustler:

There is something I think you should know…

Every day you wait to get started on your side hustle, is actually costing you time and money!

Think about it.

While you spend another evening after work, scrolling through Facebook groups, searching on Google, and watching YouTube videos looking at the same ideas for a side hustle over and over again, time just keeps slipping away.

You’re no closer to enjoying the benefits that a side hustle will provide.

Such as…

  • Living stress-free knowing your debts are paid.

  • Soaking in different cultures on your vacations with family and friends.

  • The security knowing your children’s education is paid for.

  • ​The feeling of comfort in your new car.

  • ​Feeling the freedom of leaving your 9 – 5 to work full time on your own business.

And, while time is slipping away, the cost of living keeps rising…

  • Taxes

  • Food Costs

  • Clothing Costs

  • ​Education Costs

  • ​Healthcare Costs

  • ​Transportation Costs

  • Housing Costs

It all keeps rising.

And if your income stays the same, it costs you more of your money to maintain your current lifestyle.

So what holds you back from picking a niche and getting started?

Well, if you’re like most people, it is overwhelming trying to choose the right option. And, you don’t want to waste your time and money on something that won’t work.

But, here’s the thing…

If you pick the right niche, you won’t have to worry about lack of time or money.

Do you know why most people fail at their side hustle?

It’s because they didn’t have a proper plan.

A successful strategy includes choosing a niche that matches your goals, skills, and interests.

But most people jump from idea to idea, hoping something will stick.

They waste more time and money on training, tools, and marketing. Then, they walk it away from it all because it just wasn’t what they wanted to do.

You see, my friend…

Trial and error isn’t a winning strategy.

That’s why you need a strategy when it comes to choosing your niche.

Success starts with having a plan.

You have to look at your options logically.

If you have a bad back and can’t sit in a vehicle for long periods, driving for Uber isn’t the right hustle for you.

And if you don’t have money to invest into a side hustle, you’re not going to choose a niche that requires start-up funds.

My name is Robert Logan…

When I started my first successful side hustle, I chose a niche that matched my goals, skills, and interests. I knew this was something I could do and would enjoy before I invested time into it.

Because of this, I made over $40K in my first year, working only 2 hours a day. I was able to maximize my time and money by having the right niche.

This extra income allowed me to pay down debt and go on more vacations with my family.

Using this strategy, I now have multiple side hustles, while earning over 6 figures.

If you let me, I’d like to show you how to get started by choosing the right side hustle niche for you. So you too can begin to live the life you want!

The strategy is in the system.

This program is an actionable and easy to consume course that is just over 60 minutes. I walk you step-by-step through the process of choosing your niche.

Inside you will learn…

  • Step 1: The Goal – You will learn why you must know where you are going if you are going to make it there.

  • Step 2: Skills – Discover why skills are more important than passion to a successful side hustle.

  • Step 3: Interests – Understand how your interests impact your side hustle success.

  • ​Step 4: Research – Learn how and where to find side hustles that meet your skills and interests.

  • Step 5: Filters – This unique step walks you through the most critical aspects of work that you enjoy and helps you narrow down your list.

  • ​Step 6: Profitability – Learn the process for making money in your market.

  • ​Step 7: Make The Choice – Take the fear out of making a decision and get started!

Once you choose the right niche, you will finally be ready to get started.

Imagine waking up and getting started on your business, rather than daydreaming about having one.

You will no longer be stuck wondering what you should do. Instead, you can start doing it!

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