Rocket Science Physics First Principles from SpaceX

Taught by veteran SpaceX Engineer Andrew Voss, this course introduces the basics of how rockets like the Falcon 9 fly based on the fundamental physics first principles that govern motion.  The course introduces the primary forces affecting rocket flight and how those Forces determine the motion, assuming 1 dimensional motion for now.  It challenges the student to think about how the dynamics of flight change during different phases, and to shows how to apply them to falcon 9 ascent, falcon 9 recovery, and fairing recovery, introducing principles behind falcon 9 hoverslam landings and fairing recovery with the simple concepts in Newton’s laws, free space rigid body dynamics, and aerodynamics.  If you like this course and would like to support Tiger Team and learn more about Tiger Teams, their culture, and our mission, visit our website tigerteamu dot com, follow us on social media @tigerteamu, and donate (on website) to help provide higher quality parts and capital resources for low-income Tiger Teams pursuing challenging rocket projects.
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