React with Hooks for Beginners – 2021

React is the most popular JavaScript library of the last five years, and the job market is still hotter than ever. Top companies like Facebook, Microsoft, Instagram, PayPal and Twitter are using React in the development of their tools and apps, so there’s no reason not to learn it.

In this course we will be learning the fundamentals of React such as components, handling forms and more, and we will be digging into the world of hooks. We will be explaining the basic hooks that are commonly used. And last but not least, we will be learning how to deploy our app online so everyone, including friends, can see it.

So in summary, in this course we will talk about:

  • React fundamentals

  • React hooks

  • How to create your own React apps

  • How to deploy your React apps

There are no prerequisites. Just a basic understanding of HTML and, because you’re learning React, you should have a bit of knowledge of JavaScript with its new standards (ES 2015+).

Am I eligible for this course? Yes, if you are one of the below:

  • Programmers looking to learn React

  • Programmers tired of writing jQuery code and want to step up their skills.

  • Hobbyists that are trying to learn React

  • Programmers looking to start into freelancing

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