Quadratic equations: Beginners guide

In this course you will the basics of quadratic equations, that includes what is a quadratic equation and how to solve a quadratic equation by using a quadratic formula, Factorization and perfect square also you will come to know to the difference of all the methods with the help of examples. Further, you will be learning a few types of equation that can be reducible to quadratic form.

The course outline includes

Section 1
In this section one includes the introduction to quadratic equation and solving a quadratic equation or finding roots of the quadratic equation by using Quadratic formula

Section 2
In this section you will be learning about two  different methods to solve quadratic equation
the first method is Factorization
the second method is Perfect square

Both the methods i.e: Factorization and perfect square are done by using simple examples for better and easy understanding

Section 3
In this part of the course you will be learning about a few types of equation that are not quadratic but can be converted into quadratic equation in order to find out roots of the equation

the types of equations solved in this course are

1.ax^2n + b x^n + c = 0 a ≠ 0

2.(x + a)(x + b)(x + c)(x + d) = k



By the end of this section students will be able to solve the above mentioned types of equations

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