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In this Qlik Sense tutorial for beginners video you will learn what is Qlik Sense, Components of Qlik Sense, Architecture in Qlik Sense, how Qlik Sense engine works, what is Qlik Sense hub and how it works, advantages of Qlik Sense, how to compress the data in Qlik Sense, data visualization through Qlik Sense and the various editions in Qlik Sense
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📝Following topics are covered in this video:
QlikView & Qlik Sense – 0:53
Tier 1 Architecture – 7:24
Tier 2 Architecture – 8:15
Tier 3 Architecture – 10:43
How Qlik Sense handles the data? – 27:02
Walk-through Qlik Sense – 41:02
Structure of Qlik Sense server – 50:15

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Why should you watch this Qlik Sense Tutorial?
Qlik Sense is a powerful data visualization and data discovery tool. It is revolutionary in the sense it perfectly lets even people with no technical skills to derive valuable insights. So Qlik Sense self-service analytics is being deployed by some of the best companies around the world. Learning Qlik Sense puts you at an advantage by making you fully proficient in working in the Business Intelligence, data visualization and analytics domains of any organization thus helping you command top salaries.

What you will learn in Qlik Sense course?
This course will be covering following topics:
1.Introduction to Qlik Sense tool and data loading
2.Planning and designing data modeling
3.Advanced data modeling, set analysis and variables
4.Understanding Qlik Sense Desktop
5.QMC to manage, monitor & configure Qlik Sense
6.Learn node configuration and data source connections
7.Master Qlik Sense apps and the security features
8.Construct master library in Qlik Sense

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