Practice Live Trading on Stocks and Options without Risks

What is the single biggest problem when you’re learning to trade Stocks or Options ?

Even if you’re not learning but already have some experience, what makes the learning process frustrating ?

It’s the fact that the “learning” process can be expensive. i.e. Learning to trade almost always means you lose money in the markets while you learn. Even if you’re experienced, you’re probably losing money as you acquire the skills, the emotional control, and the decision making abilities that are required to become a skillful trader. By the way, this is very normal, and happens to everyone. And this happens for a very specific reason.

The prospect of losing money while learning is not very pleasant. Most brokers or trading platforms have “paper money” accounts where you trade with virtual money and practice your trading. While paper money accounts are great to see and experience how your trades become winners or losers, they lack a significant component of what makes a good trader. AND THAT IS THERE IS NO EMOTIONAL INVOLVEMENT WITH YOUR TRADE. Most people generally don’t care if they win or lose because they know it’s NOT real money. The motivation level to make a lot of money with good trades is ABSENT because it’s not REAL money, and the motivation to turn around losing trades is LOW. Once again, because it’s NOT REAL MONEY. So, at the end of the day most people dump the virtual trading environment and jump into the real things, and end up losing money. What if there’s a solution to this problem ???

But what if you could have a “real” environment where you DO CARE even if you don’t have real money. You want to win, you’re motivated to win. And you want to win BIG because you’re highly motivated to win !! That’s exactly what this is course is all about. Find out all the details inside on how you can master trading stocks and Options skills without taking any risks that you’d normally take, but still keep your motivation levels very high to perform well. THIS IS A VERY EXCITING PROCESS FOR STOCK AND OPTION TRADERS..SO LOOK FORWARD TO SEEING YOU INSIDE !!!

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