MOOL – Krump with Kid Lightning

Massive Open Online Lab (MOOL) to learn Krump basics through videos, quizzes and exams. Upon successful completion, you will feel confident to teach Krump classes in your area. 

You will progress from beginner to advanced within 6 weeks if you follow the steps from each video. 

At the end of the course, you will have the option to take the Skype practical exam. It is different to the Udemy certificate and is issued by Krump World University.

There is an assessment criteria to help you prepare for the MOOL practical exam which is 20 minutes long.

If you pass, you may start to use the title MMKT after your name which stands for Mini Master in Krump Teaching

The certificate hash will be uploaded into the Bitcoin Blockchain network as an immutable record of your competency via OriginStamp. 

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