Medical Coding Inpatient DRG (ICD Practical Lab)

In this course, you will be learning basic Medical coding Inpatient DRG (ICD) with guidelines including practical examples in IP DRG to understand the usage of those ICD-10 CM codes.
There are ways we can learn medical coding skills from the safely of your own home. This course is for Registered Nurse, pharmacy graduate, or any life science graduate with coding experience ( I would recommend if any fresher to complete the beginners’ course first) which helps you to understand the modern technique of organizing your coding skill and one way of taking your coding to next level in your professional life, based on my experience I have created small course videos to enhance your coding skill and right mindset for better career growth.
Medical Coding is converting a disease, diagnosis or symptoms, procedures, drugs, medical tests, treatments, and procedures found in clinical documentation into standard codes (ICD-10) which helps for payment purposes and quality improvement purposes.
A new career in medical coding with IP DRG specialization is only months away when you trained by Experts, the world’s leading, and best in the business of healthcare. Take your first step toward a brighter future.

Selection of PDx
Selection of SDx
Selection of PPx (PCS)
Selection of SDx (PCS)
Assigning POA indicators
Assigning Discharge Dispositions
Identifying Query Opportunities
Arriving accurate DRG

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