Make Your First Melody/Jingle – No Music Experience Needed!

Learn How To Make Your First Melody – No Experience Required!

Course last updated 10.8.2016. Note: This course uses minimal music theory, and is recommended more for the curious beginner with zero music experience than the somewhat seasoned music producer who is looking to up his melody creation skills.

Learn the basics of making your melody from Colin: A professional music/ghost producer with 4+ years of experience.   With a discography of over 200 dance/hip hop tracks, his productions has received acclaim from the likes of Studio DMI, EDM(dot)com and many more.

In this course, you’ll learn the fundamentals, shortcuts and best resources for learning concepts such as:

  • Using the rhythm of human speech as inspiration for your melodies
  • Using the I-IV-V-IV chord progression
  • How to create a melody both on the piano and on your computer
  • Best resources for learning more about melodic composition

……and much more!

So whether you’re a music enthusiast wanting to get a deeper appreciation for your favorite compositions, or you’re a business person looking to throw together a quick jingle for a presentation, there’s something in this course for you.

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