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In this machine learning course video you will learn machine learning end to end also know how to become a successful machine learning engineer. This machine learning tutorial covers topics such as what is machine learning, machine learning algorithms, domains where machine learning is used, statistics and probability concepts, various deep learning frameworks, end to end machine learning project, machine learning interview questions and a lot more. If you are looking for a machine learning full course then this machine learning tutorial is just the right video for you.
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👉Following topics are covered in this video:
00:00 – Machine Learning course
02:33 – What is Machine Learning?
04:50 – Machine Learning Use cases
06:56 – Machine Learning Process
09:59 – How to become a Machine learning Engineer
10:33 – Companies using machine learning
15:02 – Machine Learning Demo
24:18 – Machine Learning Types
24:24 – Supervised Learning
24:59 – Supervised Learning Types
25:05 – Classification
27:06 – Regression
27:44 – Use case: Spam Classifier
29:34 – Unsupervised Learning
30:12 – Unsupervised Algorithm – K-means Clustering
31:00 – Use Case: Netflix Recommendation
31:49 – Reinforcement Learning
32:41 – Use case – Self Driving Cars
34:56 – Quiz
35:14 – Statistics & Probability
51:02 – What is Statistics?
57:20 – Descriptive Statistics
01:23:04 – Basic Definitions
01:32:49 – Assignment
01:38:11 – What is Probability?
01:42:42 – Three Approaches to Probability
01:53:58 – Bayesian Theorem
02:08:10 – Contingency Table
02:30:27 – Joint probability
02:30:52 – Independent Event
02:48:20 – Quiz
02:50:36 – Sampling Distribution
03:10:20 – Stratified Sampling
03:20:42 – Proportionate Sampling
03:21:47 – Systematic Sampling
03:51:46 – Poisson Distributions
03:57:45 – Introduction to Deep Learning
04:00:10 – Applications of Deep Learning
04:01:15 – how Deep Learning Work?
04:02:38 – What is a Neural Network?
04:03:29 – Artificial Neural Networks(ANN)
04:04:39 – Topology of a Neural Network
04:16:28 – Deep Learning Frameworks
06:36:25 – Machine Learning Project
06:46:07 – Machine Learning Interview Questions

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Why machine learning is important?

Machine learning might just be one of the most important fields of science that we are just moving towards. It differs from other science in the sense that this is one of the one domains where the input and output are not directly correlated and neither do we provide the input for every task that the machine will perform. It is more about mimicking how humans think and solving real world problems like humans without actually the intervention of humans. It focuses on developing computer programs that can be taught to grown and change when exposed to data.
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