Live Scoring of Cricket Matches through The CricHeroes App.

This course is officially developed and designed by CricHeroes.

CricHeroes is the world’s number 1 Cricket Scoring App and is officially working with many ICC and BCCI Cricket Associations globally.

We have designed this course especially for everyone who is an official Cricket Scorer, Organizer, Player, or a Cricket Fan to help you to learn most of the things which one should know as to make your Local Cricket Tournament interesting.

In this course, you will learn the following points.

– How to register your Cricket Tournament? 
– How to create a team and add players?
– How to Live Score your Cricket Tournament?
– How to enter all types of dismissals in the CricHeroes Scoring System?
– How to correct your scoring mistakes during and after the game? (Live Match Edit & Past Match Edit)
– How to automatically apply the DLS system for Rain effected cricket matches?  (Duckworth–Lewis–Stern Method)
– Any many other Scoring features which will help you to become a complete Cricket Scorer.

So, welcome and join the course.

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