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Here is our simple three steps strategy to start doing business with the government, selling to the government, and winning federal government grants and contracts:

(1) Get Involved NOW: 99% of US businesses don’t even try to work with the Federal Government. So if you decide to make an attempt, you are already in the top 1%. Step #1 is entirely in your hands!

(2) Complete the Mechanics: Learn how to signup for the basic steps to do business with the Federal Government and keep your business development effort active! We will help you by pointing you in all the right directions! 

(3) Execute Strategically (Bonus Section): You will get introduced to the areas of best practices and methods professional federal contractors and suppliers use to win big. This step differentiates the winners from losers! 

NEW FEDERAL BUSINESS ACCELERATOR GROUP: We know creating the most optimum bidding teams can be the difference between winning and losing federal business. However, our companies and others have difficulty locating suitable teaming partners We have therefore created a free LinkedIn Group. Visit LinkedIn Groups and search for “Federal Business Accelerator by ScaleUP USA.” Join for free!

Doing business with the US Federal Government is an art and a science! Therefore, our short introductory, free program could be your start for doing business with the Federal Government. If you need a full premium program, search for “Federal Business Accelerator”

Start doing business with the Federal Government now! Learn to access the world’s largest marketplace!

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