Learn Piano, Musical Keyboard from scratch -Complete Course

Hello Friends, Welcome to this Piano Course. It was my childhood dream to play the Piano. I always dream to be on a Piano Chair singing my favorite songs smoothly. To achieve the goal, I have joined 4 institutions to fulfill my dream. But I could not complete my courses with satisfaction. My schedule and timing were the main challenges. Then I have dedicated my timings over a period of time and achieved what I want.

I am not saying I am a professional keyboard or Pianist. But I guarantee I can help you to play your desired songs with the Piano or electronic keyboard. This course is designed for any age group with little or no idea about Music or keyboard. It is from very scratch and you will pick up your skills as you go on.

So do not wait. Lets us jointly begin the journey of Music for life. Your mood, emotions can be heard or played with your fingers. Let it be Joy, or sorrow, express it with your tones.

At the end of the course, you will be able to play any songs from music notes or just by hearing them.

This is not just a video program. If you need personal attention, We are here to help you. We will spend time individually and help you to achieve your goal. We will have one on one sessions thru video calls. 

All the very best.


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