Learn Django by building a stock management system – Part 2

This is part 2 of 3 of the course “learn Django by building a stock management system course” where we started building a complete stock management system.

I highly recommend you go through part 1 before starting this course where we start building the application. This course is a continuation of Part 1:

This course covers the following topics:

Django Include keyword, where we use one navbar template for multiple body templates. This allows us to modify a link once and will be modified throughout the application.

How to Display Data in an HTML Table, formatting and coloring the table.

Implementing search in our Django application to query data from the Database.

Form validation to prevent duplicate data into our application

Updating Data in Django

Implementing how to delete and confirm delete

Implementing ChoiceFileds in Django

Working with ForeignKeyField and setting them up as a dropdown list

Exporting Data to a CSV file

Django Messages and Notifications to give feedback to the user of the application about their operations

Working with Django DateFields and updating the Database models

Adding details page to see more information of the data saved in the Database

Doing calculations in Django. This is where we cover issuing and receiving stock items

Configuring our application to connect to a MySQL Database

and Finally Stock reorder level alert. This is where users of the application are alerted when the stock reaches a level set by the user.

After going through this course, you are now ready for Part 3.

Happy Coding:)

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