Krump Millionaire Mindset

KMM is an online course on Udemy to help Krumpreneurs develop the right mindset in order to grow their businesses and increase profitability. 

You will learn how my mindset operate and my daily habits which enabled me to become the World #1 Krump Business Coach with a footprint in 109 countries

This is based from my experience as a Krumpreneur since November 2009 and the $60,000 investment in my Krump Portfolio

Since October 2013, I have personally mentored Indian Krumpers with the correct mindset to enable them to push past their limiting beliefs. 

This leads to a tremendous growth and to become world-recognised Krump dancers like Hectik aka Jr Asura and Sabertooth aka Kid Stretch. 

Business is 80% mindset and 20% mechanics.

I used Krump terminology as anchor for Success Principles which will allow to influence more people by inspiring them.

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