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In this Jira Training video, you will learn about different Agile processes, Agile Terminologies, Agile Scrum, Scrum sprint activities, Jira software, and many more interesting topics.
🔵 Following topics are covered in this session :
00:00 – Jira Training
00:54 – The Agile Process
04:02 – Agile Terminologies
06:02 – Agile Scrum Roles
12:11 – Scrum Sprint Activities
14:12 – What is Jira Software
14:48 – Why Jira Software
16:41 – How to get started?

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Why Agile is important

Agile Methodology is a development method in which requirements and solutions evolve in cross-functional teams through a collaborative effort. Its approach aligns project and product development with the requirements of the customer and overall company goals. It is a methodology based on iterative development. This process encourages frequent inspection and adaptation which helps in the rapid delivery of high-quality software. Agile methodology is developed for products and projects that require flexibility and speed- which actually means, almost every product and project which is being managed today.

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