Jack & John English Magic

*Full access to interactive e-textbook, quizzes, and 6 episodes of English learning fun! (+ 1 Bonus Episode = 7 Total)

As university lecturers of English Learners, our team is always on the lookout for engaging online video material.  However, most of what we find currently available is dry, unimaginative, and unengaging for modern students. Teaching English through story-telling has been very effective for us from our extensive research and practice, so we decided to make these fun videos and workbooks to help you on your journey to master the English language.

 We hit upon the idea of producing our own series of videos that would contain storylines, characters, humour and magic; in this way, you will put grammar content, language use, and pronunciation to real-life practice.  Each episode is accompanied with an interactive workbook preparing you for the episode, answering questions about the video, and then reflecting on the video as it relates to your life.

Every episode will build off the previous one.  We will start out slow and progress through each section together.  You won’t have to move on until you are completely ready.  We look forward to assisting you in your journey through the magical world of Jack & John!

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