Introductory Course to the Spanish Language

This course is designed for people who want to learn the Spanish language starting from scratch, as well as for those who want to initiate and review the pronunciation, vocabulary, phrases and simple expressions.

Learn naturally

The goal of Canta Español is to learn the language in a more organic and less academic way, we usually spend much time studying structures, vocabulary and so on. The only thing that we must do is just talk, talk and talk; while making more errors more will learn.

The course contains dictations, audio vocabulary and conversations to practice and train the ear, all in a simple and enjoyable way.


Our first objective will be the pronunciation of particles, after that the pronunciation of words and in the practice of reading, there will have sentences with an image that represent its meaning, before you know the grammar, you can intuit the meaning.

Currently there are thousands of applications for learning vocabulary. The intention of this course  is not to teach you much vocabulary, but the words that we will learn, we are going to use them for create several sentences and when the possibilities of create more sentences exhausted, and more grammar appear, we will add more vocabulary.

On the other hand, we will be getting into the Latin American culture knowing landscapes, which in this block will be in Mexico. In addition to this, there will be talks where the characters will teach us about the art and culture as you go through the course.

We want you to learn how to study by yourself, and the opportunity to have good bases to develop you in the language Spanish.

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