Introduction to project management, Agile and Scrum

In a very simple and direct way, here’s what will you learn:

  • What is a project

  • What is project management and what are the different knowledge areas that involve project management

  • You will learn about the project management life cycle

  • You will understand one of the biggest problems in project planning failure

  • You will know the main characteristics of traditional project management vs. agile management

  • What is the agile manifesto and how to develop an agile mindset

  • We will talk about the main framework in agile project management …. the scrum

  • Why adopt the scrum framework and what are the main benefits

  • What are the main roles in a scrum team and what are their responsibilities

  • We will see the roles of the Scrum Master, the Product Owner and the development team

  • We will talk about all the scrum events (sprints, sprint planning, sprint preview, sprint retrospective, etc)

  • We will see how all scrum artifacts are created.

ANYONE can take this course … even if you don’t want to work in project management.

As this course is free, Udemy limits the duration of the course to two hours, so REMEMBER, THIS IS AN INTRODUTORY COURSE.


IMPORTANT: As my native language is not English, I DECIDED TO RECORD THIS COURSE IN PORTUGUESE, but you have a very accurate subtitle available.

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