How to score a 5 in AP Computer Science Principles (AP CSP)

In 2018, only 14% of the students who took AP CSP exam scored 5 out of 5. Others were: (score 4) 21.1%; (score 3) 36.1%; (score 2) 19.7%; (score 1) 9.2%

Over the past many months, I have been asked by many fellow students and many parents about the strategy I used, the care I have taken, and the preparation I have done to get 5 out of 5 in my College board’s AP Computer Science Principles (AP CSP) exam. I am also often asked about why I took this exam early in 8th grade rather than waiting for to take high school AP class in 10th grade.

So, I have summarized all that knowledge in the form of a 6 part video series to share all that.

In about 1.5 hours of video material, this course explains the strategy to score 5 out of 5 in AP Computer Science Principles (AP CSP).  It shows what exactly one need to care about while preparing and submitting the tasks. It shows example tasks (Explore and Create both) and maps each item with the College board rubric.  It provides some reading material to prepare for the written exam.

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