How to Automate Mouse Actions with Selenium WebDriver

What is Actions Class in Selenium WebDriver?

  • An API that simulates complex Keyboard events and mouse operations.

  • We can build a series of actions using the Action Interface and Actions Class. This process is widely known as Action Chaining.

  • Actions class is also useful in working with complex web elements like – working with pseudo elements – which is very hard to work with usual WebDriver operations.

This course covers:

  • Implementation of Actions class for mouse operations using Selenium WebDriver

  • Automating mouse hover operations

  • Automating drag and drop objects on webpages

  • Automation of resizable elements on webpages

  • Automating context click (right-click) and double click

  • Working with Sliders (slider bars) on webpages

  • Automating multiple key operations (Ex. TAB + F1)

Bonus Sessions:

  • Working with JavaScript Alerts

  • Working with Prompt Box

  • Working with Confirmation Box

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