Helm Best Practices 2019

This FREE DevOps Course will help you discover:

  • Helm concepts (Learn all the basics)

  • Common Helm misconceptions, (Don’t fall into these pitfalls)

  • Helm pipelines, (See basic and advanced pipelines and how you can integrate Helm rollbacks)

  • Packaging strategies, (Learn about all version types in Helm charts)

  • Deployment strategies, (See different workflows
    for production ready charts)

About Helm

Helm is the package manager for Kubernetes clusters. It allows you to group multiple microservices together (along with their dependencies) and treat them as a single entity.

Helm packages are called Charts. You can create your own charts or find existing ones for popular applications. If you are already familiar with apt, yum, pacman etc. you will feel right at home with Helm.

About Codefresh

Codefresh is the only Continuous Integration/Delivery platform designed specifically for microservices and containers running on Kubernetes.

Codefresh includes comprehensive built-in support for Helm charts and deployments and even offers a private free Helm repository with each account. Combined with the private Docker registry and dedicated Kubernetes dashboards, Codefresh is an one-stop-shop for microservice development.

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