Git and GitHub Essentials for Beginners – Crash Course

Git and GitHub are one of the most important skill that you should learn if you are a Developer or an aspiring Developer.

Git is a free and open source distributed version control system designed to handle small to very large projects with speed, efficiency and security, whereas GitHub is a website where you store your Git repositories.

Git and Github combined help individuals as well as organizations to manage their projects and make collaborative contribution much easier. Being a developer having a hang over Git & Github can help you organize your projects onto a portfolio which can presented onto potential recruiters where they can value your skills in a much better way, moreover being a fresher having the knowledge of Git & Github can separate from you from the rest.

In this course we learn all the essentials that need as a beginner to Git & GitHub starting from the fundamentals, Here’s what we are gonna learn in this Course :

What is Git? – Git Terms – Git and Github – Git commands – Sign-up in GitHub – Creating a new Repository – Install Git on Local Machine

Getting the code editor – Inside VS Code – Branching Visualization – Git Branching – Merge Conflict – Undoing in Git – Forking in Git

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