Gino’s Java Constructor & Static for Certification in 1 hour

New course – Launched 1 day ago.

Free for limited period.

Are you preparing for the java certification exam?

Are you looking for a genuine, up-to-date course that provides simple & easy to digest lessons on:

  • constructors

  • static and non static ?

This course dives deep into understanding them in great detail, from certification exam’s perspective.

Get done with these topics in less than 1 hour.

We’ll cover:

  • static fields and instance fields (logically and practically)

  • static vs instance methods? When to use? + Design tips for interviews

  • Tricky Rules – Invoking static and instance methods

  • Accessing static and instance variables

  • Constructors (Intro + tricky details)

  • Parameterized constructors + tricky details

  • Type Promotion with constructors

  • Constructor chaining – Wrong way and Right way

  • 1 live coding session to help you reinforce what we learnt.

By the end of this course,

  • you’ll feel confident on how these concepts work

  • You can continue preparing for other topics on the certification exam. No need to study these topics anywhere else once you take this course.

No more boring and uninteresting tutorials that add no value.

  • Save your time with a quick but in-depth curriculum from certification exam’s perspective.

Enroll now & get access to our student exclusive facebook group where we answer questions by students because udemy doesn’t allow such a forum for free courses on its website. But we care for our students. We’ve got you covered.

Fun challenge for you:

By the end of this course, if you can understand the meaning of this course’s image, congratulations ! 😉

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