Everything About Antibiotics For Doctors and Pharmacists

All healthcare workers (Doctors, Nurses, or Pharmacists) deal with antibiotics on daily basis. They are the cornerstone of treating most patients, as infections are the most common reason for admission.

To tackle the challenge of memorizing all antibiotics, we will understand their mechanism of actions first. Then, we’ll mention everything you need to know for the clinical practice. At the end of each section we’ll mention all the important notes for exams.

Revision-Cards: you can access these PDF cards at the end of each section. They contain all the information we discussed and more. Having these cards on your phone or PC helps you look-up any information on-the-go. Convenient for memorization.

Quizzes: at the end of our journey we’ll have a long quiz that we’ll take together. We’ll explain our choices and talk about important notes. The quiz will help us memorize everything smoothly. A PDF with all quizzes and answers is downloadable and printer-friendly.

For pharmacists: equations like loading doses, clearance rates and others are mentioned and explained with examples.

We will talk in details about the following classes:

  1. Metronidazole

  2. Vancomycin

  3. Macrolides

  4. Acyclovir

  5. Aminoglycosides

  6. Clindamycin

  7. Amphotericin B and Nystatin

  8. Penicillin

  9. Tetracyclines

  10. Tuberculosis medications

  11. Fluoroquinolones

  12. Cephalosporins (all generations)

  13. Teratogenic antibiotics

  14. Azoles antifungals

  15. Carbapenems

  16. Chloramphenicol

  17. Chloroquine

  18. Daptomycin

  19. Echinocandins

  20. Sulfonamides

  21. Dapsone

  22. Trimethoprim

  23. Griseofulvin

  24. Hepatitis C therapy

  25. HIV therapy (NRTI, N-NRTI, Integrase inhibitors, and Protease inhibitors)

  26. Linezolid

  27. Monobactams

  28. Polymyxins

  29. Terbinafine

  30. β-lactamase inhibitors

Each section will cover a class of antibiotics with their mechanism of action, side effects, indications, contraindications, bacterial resistance, and important notes + Downloadable Revision Card.

At the end of the course we’ll have the long mock-exam with downloadable and printable sheet.

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