English Alphabet 1 (A to K)

This course is intended for purchase by adults and is suitable for a child aged 4 to 11 who hasn’t had English tuition before, so no previous knowledge is needed.

Do you want your kid to review the English alphabet and learn new words? Or maybe you’re looking for interactive lessons? Then this is what you’re looking for!

In the course, each letter is taught separately in a lesson that lasts 4 to 6 minutes, so your child won’t be overwhelmed by long lectures or too much information. Each lesson has 5 or 6 new words that are drilled for the entire duration of the class which makes them easy to remember. In all lessons, each word is pronounced several times; then the speaker stops so your child could repeat it as many times as they need.

Funny pictures make the letters easy to remember and games will involve and entertain your kid.

Taught and designed by a professional teacher (Bachelor’s in Education (B.Ed), Master’s in Linguistics (MA), the course targets all the skills that should be learned: listening, speaking, pronunciation.

Remember to take it slowly and watch the lessons as many times as you need till you make sure your kid got it.

See you in the lesson!

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