Electrical Machine Technology.

“Electrical Machines Technology”

This course Describes the Electrical Transformer, Auto-Transformer & some FHP Motors.


A Transformer is very essential electrical Machine and it can be used for various applications in our day to day life. As this topic is included in curriculum of different streams of engineering so after completion of this topic all the student’ will be able to understand what is transformer? How it works? How to select, connect and operate the transformer for specific requirement.

2. Auto- transformer:-

It is a special type of electrical Machine which is used to vary the AC supply voltage applied to the load smoothly. So by using this device we can start AC motors safely, we can control the intensity of lamps in Cinema halls or lamps used for decoration purpose etc.

3. FHP (Induction Motor):-

FHP means Fractional Horse Power Motors are some special kind of motors in Electrical Machine Systems. The power rating of these motors is very less (1 HP or less than that ) and their size is also compact (Less than 35mm square) This session talks about one type of FHP Motor i.e. Single-Phase Induction Motor which we use in our day to day life for general lighting purpose. In upcoming sessions we will focus on the other types of FHP Motors like Universal Motor, Stepper Motor, and Servomotors etc.

4. FHP (Single Phase AC Series Motor):-

This is another type of FHP Motor having the same construction as that of DC Series motor. Just when have to operate on AC supply some modifications are have to be done here like use of laminated magnetic circuit, High Resistance Carbon Brushes and one more additional winding called Compensated Winding. Then this motor gives the best performance. Area of application is where High Speed & Frequent Starting is necessary.

5. FHP (Universal Motor):-

This is a special kind of FHP Motor as it can run on both AC as well as DC supply. And its useful in many home appliances like in Food Processor, Mixers, Coffee Grinders, Electric Shavers, Hair Dryers, Sewing Machine and in High Speed Vacuum Cleaners.

6. FHP (Stepper Motor):-

It is very famous FHP motor in Industrial Automation System as we get precise position & control. I’m pretty sure that you have understood all the 4 types of FHP motors in this series. Still having any doubts please feel free to put your comments in comment section right below this video. Well I’m going to see you in next course with new interesting topic.

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