Distributed SQL and YugabyteDB Fundamentals

This course will teach you the core concepts of distributed SQL and what makes it different from monolithic databases like Oracle, SQL Server PostgreSQL and MySQL. Through lectures and hands-on exercises you’ll develop the knowledge and skills to configure and get started with YugabyteDB. Over the span of 90 minutes we’ll covered the following topics in-depth:

  • Distributed SQL terms, definitions, and comparisons

  • YugabyteDB architecture and design principles

  • YSQL API development

  • Course review and exam prep

We also worked through a variety of hands-on exercises including:

  • Single and multi-node cluster installs on Mac, Linux, and Kubernetes

  • JDBC connectivity

  • User management and basic security

  • Working with databases and schemas

  • Creating objects and loading data from external files

  • Creating and exploring a sample database

  • Creating functions and triggers

  • Setting up admin tools like pgAdmin, TablePlus, and DBeaver

  • Using a Java load generator

  • Testing fault tolerance (remove node, add node, rebalancing)

  • TPC-C benchmarking

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