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in this data science for beginners video you will learn complete data science starting from what is data science to various data science concepts, data science projects and data science interview questions & answers. This is an end to end data science full course.
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👉Following topics are covered in this video:
00:00 – Data Science for Beginners
01:20 – What is data science?
02:15 – Data Explosion
04:05 – Structured Data
04:45 – Huge Data
05:30 – Need of and what is the need of data science
07:35 – Data Visualization
07:56 – Daata manipulation
08:20 – Statistical Analysis
08:40 – Machine learning
10:40 – Life cycle of Data Science
13:55 – Numpy
15:50 – Basics of numpy
16:25 – How to create the numpy array
19:45 – Ndarray Object
36:39 – Mathematical Operations Using numpy
49:55 – Numpy Broadcasting
52:43 – Indexing and Slicing in python
58:26 – Array manipulation in Python
01:13:18 – Splitting of Arrays
01:19:36 – Advantages of numpy over list
01:28:52 – Pandas Module
01:29:45 – Introduction to Pandas
01:39:23 – Pandas vs Numpy
01:43:00 – Data Structures in pandas
01:48:20 – Pandas Data frame
01:50:30 – How to create the data frame
02:28:35 – Data Manipulation with pandas
02:35:00 – Data visualization with Matplotlib
02:39:00 – Quiz
02:41:38 – Data vizualization in python and Why it is required
02:56:38 – Data Visualization libraries
02:58:36 – What is Matplotlib?
03:04:54 – Types of Plots and how to create them?
04:23:00 – Introduction to Machine learing
04:46:43 – Linear regression
06:06:48 – Logistic Regression
06:27:36 – Spam Email Classifier example
07:11:10 – Logistic Regression Example of a person having the heart disease or not
07:39:00 – Desicion tree and Naive Bayes
08:16:58 – Understanding Confusion Matrix
08:28:15 – Naive Bayes Classifier
08:45:48 – Clustering Algorithm
09:17:30 – Python Project
10:16:53 – Python Interview Questions

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Why Data Science is important?
Data Science is taking over each and every industry domain. Machine Learning and especially Deep Learning are the most important aspects of Data Science that are being deployed everywhere from search engines to online movie recommendations. Taking the Intellipaat Data Science training & Data Science Course can help professionals to build a solid career in a rising technology domain and get the best jobs in top organizations.

Why should you opt for a Data Science career?
If you want to fast-track your career then you should strongly consider Data Science. The reason for this is that it is one of the fastest growing technology. There is a huge demand for Data Scientist. The salaries for Data Scientist is fantastic.There is a huge growth opportunity in this domain as well. Hence this Intellipaat Data Science project tutorial is your stepping stone to a successful career!
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