Create three Beautiful Components

Hello people !

It’s time to build some nice things.

In this course we will create 3 beautiful components.

  1. A perfect dropdown button.

  2. A tabs system.

  3. An FAQ component.

We will use CSS, HTML, and JavaScript, and some SVG’s and images to render those great components.
You can follow this course even if you are a beginner in those topics, it’s a great way to upgrade your skills.
I give away all source code, for all projects, and you can use it however you want.

The Front-End can look scary nowadays, it looks like a jungle.
But with patience and disciclipne, you can learn whatever you want.

It all start with HTML, to know th basic structure of a webpage.

Then you will use CSS, to style, place, and animate elements.
CSS is usually way more difficult than just HTML, since HTML is just a tag langage, and CSS is a whole new world, with rules and obligation.

Finally after that you can jump on the JavaScript part, which is related the to the dynamism of a webpage.
It means that you will use JavaScript to manipulate a page, to delete elements, modify them, update them, etc …
It’s in some aspects the most difficult part to handle.
But as I said, with discipline and rigor, everything is possible.

See you on the other side to start coding.

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