Chakra Vocal Sound Healing

In this course you will…

Discover a way to improve your physical and emotional health with the zero negative side effects. 

Learn how to relax and improve mood with a simple and easy technique you can take anywhere. 

Master a powerful energy healing technique you can use on yourself and teach to others to gain a deeper understanding on what is blocks an abundance of health and joy. 

Chakra vocal sound healing is a powerful energy healing technique that allows you to quickly locate and clear abundance blocks in your Chakras. Chakra Vocal Sound Healing is an effective way to increase energy, alleviate stress and get real solutions to problematic life issues. It is also a very powerful way to develop your intuitive and psychic skill set. In addition students will learn how to begin to channel healing energy through their voice for continued healing. They will learn how to fuse prana breathing and vocal sounding to heal spiritually, emotionally and physically. 

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