Build 3 Chrome Extensions in Under 2 Hours

In this course we will build out 3 barebones chrome extensions 1) a URL blocker, 2) a browser tab page override, 3) a bookmarks collector.

This course works by me copy and pasting code examples I have already written and walking you through how they operate and why they work. From there you can use these examples to breakdown the code even further or use it as a building block to add more functionality

After completing this course you will have gained experience using Chrome API’s and the knowledge of how to structure scripts to get you started with building your own Chrome Extensions. This course assumes a junior developer level understanding of html and javascript as well as the subsequent tools to use for building websites. I treat these crash courses as though I were a mid level developer walking a junior through the steps it takes to build chrome apps. This course is for you if you want working code examples from which you can build your own chrome extensions but not for you if you want a detailed explanation of how the JavaScript we write works.

If you enroll in this course and decide it’s not for you later on, you have 30 days to get a full refund.

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