Arrays and Vectors In Java

Java is platform independent, open-source object oriented programming language enriched with free and open source libraries. … This course develops necessary skills in students to apply object oriented programming techniques in Java so that students will be able to develop complete applications using core Java.

The key difference between Arrays and Vectors in Java is that Vectors are dynamically-allocated. They aren’t declared to contain a type of variable; instead, each Vector contains a dynamic list of references to other objects. The Vector class is found in the java. util package, and extends java.

What is Arrays.

Declaration and Initialization of Array

Types of Array

1-D array Declaration and Initialization

2-D Array Declaration and Initialization

What is Vector

Vector Creations

Methods of Vectors

Implementation of Vector Class

Importance of Wrapper classes

Types of Wrapper Classes

Implementation of Wrapper Classes

1. To know apply different logics to solve the given problem.

2. To be able to write program using different implementations for the same problem.

3. To Study different types of errors.

4. To know Debugging of programs.

5. To understand different steps to develop program such as Problem Definition, Analysis,

Design of Logic, Coding, Testing, Maintenance

Write the programs by implementing arrays to solve the given problem.

Develop programs using vectors and wrapper classes for given problem

Vector: Constructors and Methods

Wrapper class: Use & Methods

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