AC Circuits – Graduation Level Physics

This course consists of Concepts of AC Circuits which are useful for students who are pursuing engineering or Physics. It starts from basic and covers Important topics. I hope this course adds value to you. Language of the course is English so that maximum students can be benefitted. Few basic knowledge or Overview is a pre-requisite of this course, but anyways I will start from basics. So if you have Ac circuits in your graduation, This is probably a good start.

Basics includes topics like Rms value, Ac current Vs Dc current, Ac vs DC voltage, Average value over half cycle, Average Value over Full cycle.

Then their are some tools like understanding Complex numbers, Understanding phasors and their connecting link

Also there is one bonus video which covers – Resistance VS Reactance VS Impedance with experiments

Then we have last section which covers Simple circuits like, Ac voltage connected across Inductor across resistor and across capacitor

Everything is included with meaning, definition, use in real life, mathematical meaning and Derivation of the corresponding topic.

I think I have described enough, Lets start the course now!!

Introducing Myself

This is Rahul Jewaani your course instructor I have Completed my MASTERS MSc in Physics as well as I run my YouTube channel – RG Lectures.

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