A Beginners Guide to Marketing Tools and Set Up

Welcome to a Beginners Guide to Marketing Tools and Set up by Maria and Oddmund.

In this course, we have made a step by step guide for to integrate ClickFunnels with GetResponse and BuildRedirects and to solve the most common technical problems and struggles people face when starting out online.

This course is a product of countless hours with support to people that felt overwhelmed and were completely stuck.

In order to reach more people and give them a guide, we decided to launch this as a complete set of videos that will take you through the process that held the majority of those people back.

This course is meant to guide you through the

  • domain set up,

  • integration,

  • GetResponse set up of newsletters,

  • autoresponders and

  • automation workflow. 

  • We also included a downloadable copy of automation workflow.

In email marketing, its crucial that you don’t send email to people who doesn’t open because it will hurt your email deliverability rate and the email providers will regard your future emails as a spam. In this case, use of automation is the best way to avoid this.

We also show how to manage, track and test links in BuildRedirects.

Track where traffic is coming from is giving you an overview of what is working in your marketing e.g. your emails, webpages, groups, etc.

The ability to change your links after sending your emails or whenever your offers is changing is also invaluable.  For instance, if you are changing offers or landing pages, or company you promote.

We included a Bonus Section on how to become an approved affiliate of ClickFunnels.

If you have struggles or like to start out with a guide in hand instead of running into struggles, then this course is for you.  In that case we welcome you to sign up Right Now!

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